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Active Voltage Conditioner for Sags & Swells

The Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC) is an inverter based system that protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances.

It provides fast, accurate voltage sag correction by correcting the phase angle and voltage magnitude in less than 3 ms. Standard models are optimized for sag correction, voltage balance and flicker reduction. All AVC models provide continuous regulation +/- 10% from the nominal utility voltage.

Key Features:
  • Correct both the phase angle & magnitude in less than 3 ms.
  • Up to 30 seconds of voltage sag ride-through at 3p voltage > 50% nominal
  • 99% efficient
  • Does not lower fault capacity
  • Continuous voltage regulation
  • Voltage unbalance correction
  • Voltage event capturing
  • High-value production processes
  • High-speed manufacturing
  • Continuous and critical processes
  • FDA approved processes
Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC)
A 300kVA AVC protecting a metal sheet process
from unplanned stoppages due to voltage sags
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Why would I use an AVC instead of an UPS?

An UPS is certainly a solution for the majority of problems. However, they are inherently very expensive, not only to purchase but to operate and maintain.The AVC is typically 6-8% more efficient, has very little maintenance on an annual basis and is significantly less expensive to buy. Based on North American data it will correct for >93% of all events at your plant.This provides you with a very good payback and the ability to protect your process equipment and not just your PLCs and communications systems.

What is a voltage sag?

A voltage sag occurs when the RMS voltage decreases between 10% to 90% of the nominal voltage for a time greater than 0.5 cycles (8ms), and less or equal to 1 minute. Voltage sags are the most important power quality problem facing many industrial customers, especially those with continuous production processes.

Voltage Sag Waveform

Do voltage sags cause damage to my equipment?

Typically single sags do not cause immediate damage to production equipment but will trip electronic control equipment causing the process to stop. Some equipment can be damaged due to increased current when the voltage sags. Continuous variations of voltage cause damage over time. Very deep sags can cause immediate failure.

Is voltage unbalance a real problem?

It can be, severe voltage unbalance >2% causes premature motor and electronics failures. Motors will draw excess current during voltage unbalance. Balancing voltages will reduce your electricity consumption.

The AVC corrects voltage unbalance on a continuous basis, ensuring optimal performance and equipment efficiency.

Most industrial loads have some level of regeneration; can the AVC handle this reverse current?

Unlike most voltage compensation products, Omniverter’s AVC does handle regenerative loads. The AVC has the ability to handle regenerating loads. Most other power protection products cannot handle a regenerating current.

Why should I buy an AVC?

The AVC prevents unplanned production stoppages. Customers save the associated costs of stoppages and reduced maintenance, resulting in a 3-12 month payback period. Employee morale improves as downtime reduces.