Power Flow and Flicker Control

The switching of large electric loads in one location can create power quality problems on the electrical utility supply to customers in other locations. These may occur as voltage sags, a rapid fluctuation in voltage or an extended drop in voltage for a second or two commonly known as electrical flicker. Loads such as electric furnaces, starting of large electric motors or where there are frequent repetitive processes such as a saw mills , gravel dredges, rock crushers and car shredders can all cause problems. In some cases production lines using large numbers of robots may experience widely fluctuating loads. These conditions can cause premature failure of electrical equipment and increase energy bills due to poor power factor. Loads such a data centres can experience leading power factor which is a major issue when they need to run on backup generators

PFC LITE Reactive Power Conditioner 100kVAr – 2MVAr

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"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC. Every time a thunderstorm appears in our area, we have to shut down the unprotected saws until the storm passes.”

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer

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