Short-term Power Loss Correction

In many parts of North America electrical utilities user reclosers on medium voltage supply to isolate faults caused by such events as lightning strikes, tree branches across lines or animals making contact with live wires. The result of a recloser operation is a momentary power outage, lasting for up to a few seconds. This creates an unplanned production stoppage which can be very costly for some industries.

Active Voltage Conditioner AVCRTS

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"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC. Every time a thunderstorm appears in our area, we have to shut down the unprotected saws until the storm passes.”

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer

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