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Industrial UPS with Ride-through Protection

The AVCRTS is a line interactive power back-up solution. It allows the load to continue to operate through short outages such as a recloser events or until a backup generator starts. The actual ride through time is based on the load and the capacity of the storage system, which is usually batteries or ultra-capacitors.

The AVCRTS interrupts the connection to the utility via a high-speed static switch. This transfers the load to the backup energy storage while minimizing the disturbance to the connected load.

The AVCRTS can be integrated with the AVC Voltage Conditioner. This combination of voltage regulation and ride-through storage protection provides a complete level of power disturbance protection.

Key Features:
  • Resilient Overload Capability and no reduction of fault capacity
  • Transfer time is less than ¼ of a cycle
  • Voltage threshold for switching on the AVCRTS adjustable
  • Modular inverter construction (standard with N+1 redundancy)
  • Omniverter specializes in outdoor house applications when real estate is a limitation
  • 99.5% energy efficient
  • Universal DC interface accepts multiple types of storage systems
  • MV Units available which can also correct power factor
  • Built-in voltage event capture
  • High value production processes
  • High speed manufacturing
  • Continuous and critical processes
  • FDA approved processes
Industrial UPS
AVCRTS in an outdoor enclosure protecting a pharmaceutical plant
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Why should I buy an AVCRTS?

The AVCRTS is an industrial UPS that reduce production stoppages. The AVCRTS has a large overload  capacity, handle high inrush currents and can operate in a high harmonic environment. Most commercial UPS technologies are not designed for dynamic load applications.  If your industrial process is having unplanned process stoppages caused by momentary outages then the AVCRTS is the best solution.

 When to use a commercial UPS or an industrial UPS system?

While commercial UPS systems are typically used in data centres and commercial buildings, they are not sufficient for an industrial environment. Industrial UPS systems are made for critical process control applications like high-speed production lines, automation,  food & beverage lines as well in the semi-conductor industries.

What is the difference between a momentary power outage and a sustained power outage?

Power outages also called a blackout, are the loss of the electrical power on one phase, two or three phases. IEEE 1159 defines an interruption as follows:
- Momentary Interruption - A type of RMS voltage variation where the complete loss of voltage on one or more phase conductors for a time between 0.5 cycles and 3seconds.
- Sustained Interruption - The complete loss ofvoltage on one or more phase conductors for a time greater than 1 minute.

What causes short term power interruptions

The main reason for power outages is the weather, such as:
- snow,
- ice on the lines,
- freezing rain,
- lightning,
- high winds,
- lightning.

Other factors that contribute to power outages include wildlife and tree branches striking power cables. These interruptions occur due to recloser operations from the utility. As a result, a short power outage can last anywhere from a few milliseconds to a few seconds.

What cause a momentary power outage?

Momentary power interruptions occur due to recloser operations from the utility. As a result, a short power outage an last anywhere from a few milliseocnds to a few seconds. Common causes of recloser operations include faults occuring during lighting storms, trees and animals coming into contact with power lines.