Power Flow Controller LITE

  • Areas for Application

    The PFC LITE Reactive Power Conditioner 100kVAr – 2MVAr

    (PFC LITE) is an ideal solution for the improvement of power quality in industrial and commercial electrical installations across a wide variety of applications including:

    • Automotive Dairy Processing
    • Data Centers ( HVAC and servers)
    • Food & Beverage
    • High speed packaging
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Plastic Film
    • Printing machinery Semiconductor
    • Textiles Water and waste pumping

    User Benefits

    • Improved energy efficiency by reducing system losses
    • Simple installation and commissioning
    • Touch screen interface for easy operation

  • Working Principle

    The PFC LITE uses high speed IGBT inverter technology to control reactive power flow into an AC network.

    Control Mode Options

    There are two main control modes available for the PFC LITE

    • Power factor control
    • Voltage Control

    The control mode defines the main operation of the PFC LITE, either control power factor to a preset value (programmable) or control voltage to a preset value.

    Additional functions can then be enabled in addition to the main control mode including

    • Flicker reduction
    • Low Order harmonic cancellation
    • Unbalance (negative sequence) correction
    • Voltage Clamping

  • Features

    • Modular design provides high reliability and simple maintenance
    • Integrated solution for Power factor correction, harmonics and inrush generated voltage sags
    • Small physical footprint
    • Ratings 100kVAr to 2000kVAr voltage 380V AC to 480V AC
    • 600/690V and MV systems available as special custom order with transformers

Complete Technical Specifications