Digit@l ES Energy Saver Product Ranges 90Amp –6000Amp

Energy Saving from Voltage Reduction

The Digit@l ES Energy Saver is a specially designed voltage stabilizer that allows for the voltage received by the distribution system to be adjusted to the voltage for which the load has been designed. Digit@l ES optimizes the performance of the supplied equipment, thus obtaining lower consumption, energy saving, cost reduction and longer life expectancy.

While a traditional voltage stabilizer is designed to compensate a variation of the input voltage within a certain range (for example, ±20% of the nominal voltage), Digit@l ES is specially developed to reduce the input voltage to a lower level, while still maintaining the stabilizing properties. Digit@l ES is therefore equally efficient and reliable, but more cost-efficient for this specific purpose.

Digit@l ES is available in three different versions:

BASIC – low to medium rating (90A to 500A) with simple design and control electronics, but cost efficient and reliable performance.

PLUS – medium rating range (160A to 500A); sophisticated control system, user-friendly control panel with status and alarm signals, local PC connectivity.

ADVANCED– availability of very high rating (up to 6000A); top of the range control system, local display showing setting and working parameters, user-friendly control panel with status and alarm signals, local USB connectivity and possibility of remote control of the unit.