Power Analyzer – UMG 508



    The Power analyzer UMG 508 is an ideal choice for front door/panel mounting. The device is equipped with a colorful graphic display which has an intuitive user interface. The extensive measuring functions: monitoring of short term interruptions, inrush currents, transients, harmonics up to 40th) are remarkable in this price range.

    Extensive communication options, such as RS485 (Modbus RTU, Profibus), Ethernet TCP / IP, BACnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, or DNS allow a cost effective and rapid integration into existing communication structures.

    The measurement is made on 4 separate current inputs, either for three phase systems with additional measurements in N or G or the measurement of 4 individual single-phase loads. The UMG 508 has per each current input a separate energy counter. The very large data memory of 256 MB permits the logging of all readings for months even without intermediate reading.

    Areas of application

    Monitoring of a wide range of electrical and energy parameters

    • Continuous monitoring of the power quality parameters
    • Ethernet-Gateway for subordinate measurement devices
    • Analysis of electrical faults and root cause analysis in case of power failures
    • Cost center management
    • Remote monitoring for real estate management
    • Usage in test facilities (e.g. in Universities)

    Display examples

    User-friendly graphical color display with intuitive user interface.

    The high-resolution graphic display provides informative presentations of line graphs, FFT harmonic as bar diagram, clear display of the kWh values, kW demand, alarm management & event viewer with dates and time stamp, and many other features.

    In addition to the information content the redesign of the UMG display is focused on a user-friendly, self-explanatory and intuitive operation of the UMG 508.


    Modern communication architecture via Ethernet: Cost-effective, fast and safe communication

    In many cases the costs for installation and communication (e.g. peripheral equipment for field buses) exceed those for the respective power analyzers. Integration of the UMG 508 in an existing Ethernet architecture can enable fast, cost- efficient and reliable communication. Additional interfaces enable the integration of the power analyzers into PLC or building automation systems. The use of open standards offers great flexibility to the user.

    Modbus Gateway: Easy integration of devices without Ethernet interface

    With the Modbus Gateway function of UMG 508 you can connect less sophisticated Modbus RTU meters to Ethernet. The UMG 508 can be used simultaneously as a gateway for sub-meters or older instruments existing within the installation providing these have Modbus RTU capability. Each instrument with a Modbus RTU interface can be connected, if its data format and function codes correspond. Data can be scaled and labelled.

    Highspeed Modbus

    The UMG 508 series can transfer data via RS485 interface with a speed of up to 921.6 kB/s among other UMG devices of this series.

    Alarm management: E-mail and homepage inform you, wherever you are…

    A common situation: you have just left the building as the first call arrives about certain problems in production, computer failure, energy breakdown, etc…

    By using a web browser and IP address you have direct access to the extremely powerful homepage of your UMG 508. You get detailed information about the actual condition of your electrical system from the homepage. Online data as well as historical data and graphs of events are available. Via homepage you can directly calculate the costs of your energy consumption and export it into a CSV-file or print it out.

    Alternatively, an e-mail can alert you if overload occurs, short-term interruptions disrupt your production process, harmonics occur which can reduce the life expectancy of your technical equipment…

    The applications are numerous.




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