Power analyzer UMG 605

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    The UMG 605 power quality analyzer is particularly suitable for monitoring power quality in compliance with IEC61000-4-30. All power quality parameters are collected and analyzed e.g. flicker, short-term interruptions with fault recorder function, transients, harmonics up to 63rd and inrush currents etc.
    Extensive communication possibilities e.g. RS 485 Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet (TCP/IP), BACnet, http, FTP, SMTP, SNTP, DNS …. allow cost effective and rapid integration in existing communication networks. Worldwide access to the embedded web server can be gained through a web browser.
    User-specific programs can be created. It is possible to run 7 user programs simultaneously.The GridVis software which is provided with the UMG 605 enables simple and complete parameterization and allows extensive analysis just with the click of a button.


    Main Features

      • Measurement of power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30
      • Measurement method class A
      • Fourier analysis 1st to 63rd harmonics for V-LN, V-LL, I, P (consumption/supply) and Q (ind./cap.)
      • Measurement of harmonics and interharmonics (V-LN, V-LL, I)
      • Analysis and evaluation according to IEC50160 with the GridVis software which is included
      • Flicker measurement according to IEC 61000-4-15
      • Measurement in solidly grounded, high resistance grounded and ungrounded systems (300V CATIII)
      • 4 voltage measuring inputs, 4 current measuring inputs
      • Continuous sampling of the voltage and current measuring inputs with 20kHz (333 samples/cycle)
      • Recording of more than 2000 different measurement parameters per measuring cycle (200ms)
      • Detection of transients >50µs and storage with up to 16.000 samples
      • Data logger / event memory (256MB Flashdisk)
      • 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
      • Profibus DP/V0 alternatively RS 485 (Modbus RTU, Modbus-Master, optional BACnet)
      • Ethernet (Web-Server, E-Mail, optional BACnet)
      • Programming of customer specific applications in Jasic

    Modbus gateway: the affordable connection of units without an Ethernet interface

    With the Modbus gateway function, simple Modbus RTU-units can be connected to the Ethernet using the UMG 605. For example, the UMG 605 can be used simultaneously as a gateway for subordinate measurement points or older units which already exist in the installation. Each unit with a Modbus RTU interface can be connected, where the data format and function codes match up. Data can be labelled and scaled.

    High-speed Modbus

    The devices of the UMG 605 series can transfer data between the units using the RS485 interface at a speed of up to 921.5 kB/s.




    The power quality analyzer which is equipped with 4 current and voltage inputs collects and digitizes the effective values (True RMS) from currents and voltages in 40-70Hz (15-440Hz) systems. The integrated microprocessor calculates the electrical parameters from the sampling values. The relevant voltage can be defined as a phase-neutral or a phase-phase voltage for measurement in a three-phase system. The voltage serves the UMG 605 as a reference voltage for harmonic measurement, transient and event recording and for the flicker meter. A nominal current can be set using this for the measurement of electrical current events. However, it is generally used for measuring the current in the neutral or ground conductor or used for measuring a voltage difference between N and ground.
    DIN rail mounting (6TE): reduction of installation costs

    Usually panel power meters are installed in the panel front door. Mounting the UMG 604 on a 35mm DIN rail reduces installation and connection costs as neither the panel cut-out nor the wiring on the door are necessary. In order to exploit the functionality of modern power meters, the interconnectivity and central analysis of the data plays an important role, which means that the on-site display is basically used for commissioning and maintenance only.

    The decidedly compact UMG 605 is suitable for installation in low voltage main distribution panels and machines as well as in sub-distribution boards which is particularly of interest for applications in building services engineering, information technology and data centers.

    Modern communication architecture through Ethernet: affordable, rapid and safe communication
    In many cases the costs for installation and communication (e.g. peripheral equipment for field buses) exceed those of the power meters. By connecting the equipment to an existing Ethernet system, a fast, optimally priced and reliable communication system can be developed. Additional interfaces allow the integration of power analyzers in PLC systems or in central building management systems. The use of open standards offers the user great flexibility.

    The e-mail and homepage inform you wherever you are…
    A common situation: you have just left the building as the first call arrives about a problem in production, computer failure or energy breakdown.

    You have direct access to the extremely high performance homepage of the UMG 605 with a web browser and an IP address. Extensive information is already available to you on the homepage. Online data is available together with historical data and graphs recording events. The homepage can be used to convert the rates into costs and be exported as a CSV file or to print it. Alternatively, an e-mail can alert you if an overload occurs, if short-term interruptions or voltage sags disrupt your production processes or unexpected harmonics threaten to reduce the lifespan of your equipment.

    The application possibilities are numerous.