Janitza -96RM

 UMG 96RM – Universal Measurement Instrument



    The UMG 96RM is a very compact and powerful universal measurement device designed for use in low and medium voltage distribution systems.

    In addition to recording a large quantity of electrical parameters, this innovative measurement instrument offers additional functions such as the measurement of harmonics up to the 40th order. Continuous sampling with 426 samples/ cycle ensures high resolution for each measured value and provides an effective energy management tool for fault analysis and power quality monitoring.

    There are several models within the UMG 96RM range to suit various applications from the basic model to those with 256MB memory and various communication protocols.

    • Measuring, monitoring and checking electrical parameters in energy distribution systems
    • Recording of load profiles for energy management systems (e. g. ISO50001, EN16001)
    • Collection of energy consumption data for cost center analysis
    • Measurement value generator for building management systems or PLC (Modbus)
    • Monitoring of power quality characteristics, e.g. harmonics up to the 40th order


    The compact and powerful multi-function measurement device for energy measurement.

    The UMG 96RM is equipped with a powerful, innovative microprocessor. The sampling rate of all measurement channels at 426 samples/cycle enables continuous acquisition of several hundred measurement values at high resolution.
    Main features

    Measurement in solidly grounded, high resistance grounded. or ungrounded systems
    LCD-Display with backlight
    True RMS measurement (TRMS)
    Continuous sampling of voltage and current inputs with 426 samples/cycle
    Harmonic analysis up to the 40th order
    7 Energy meter for L1, L2, L3 and sum
    8 tariffs
    High measurement accuracy, effective energy class 0.5,…accuracy V/I, 0.2%
    RCM (Option)
    High reliability and long lifespan
    Including extensive package of GridVis software
    Up to 6 current inputs

    The UMG 96RM collects electrical energy consumption, standard electrical parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, power and power quality characteristics, e.g. harmonics, up to the 40th order. The high measurement accuracy, compact construction, extensive measurement data, multi-faceted protocol for integration into upstream systems and economical design make the UMG 96RM stand out as a very competitive offering.

    The voltage measurement inputs are designed for direct measurement in low voltage systems in which nominal voltages up to 300V to ground and surge voltages up to over-voltage Category III can occur.

    System integration can be readily achieved (energy management system, PLC, SCADA, BMS) through the large choice of interfaces and protocols. The GridVis software, which is included as part of the package, provides the basis for energy management systems and power quality investigations.

    The UMG 96RM range of universal measurement devices can be used to create energy management systems (ISO 50001/EN16001), cost center management or to monitor power quality, among other applications.

    Energy data acquisition & load profile

    With the help of the UMG 96RM, acquisition of detailed energy data and the load profile becomes a simple task. This is essential for tracking energy efficiency and to avoid overloads in the energy distribution system.

    Cost center analysis

    It is becoming progressively more important in industry to be able to assign energy costs to particular products. To do this it is desirable to determine energy costs for individual processes and to charge them accordingly. Cost analysis also allows employees to focus on specific cost optimization and conservation of energy.

    Energy management systems (ISO 50001/EN 16001) Energy management systems per standard ISO50001/ EN16001 are essential for monitoring continuous improvements in energy efficiency and reduction of costs. The UMG 96RM range of universal measurement devices can play an important role in establishing an effective energy management system.
    Transparency of energy supply

    A multi-stage and scalable measurement system allows a higher degree of transparency into the energy supply history. Continuous measurement with high resolution meters is the only way that sporadic events can be analyzed and corrective solutions identified.
    Power quality monitoring

    The UMG 96RM gives indispensable information about inadequate power quality and enables measures to be undertaken to address recurring problems.

    This can result in the prevention of production stoppages, significantly longer service life for manufacturing assets leading to improved sustainability and return on investment.


    The UMG 96RM is a latest generation measurement instrument from Janitza®. It is intended for measuring, recording and monitoring electrical parameters (True-RMS) in low and medium voltage systems (1 and 3-phase systems with a neutral conductor).

    Among the characteristics of this measurement instrument are the compact construction (96×96 mm), LCD backlight and the measurement of harmonic currents and voltages in each conductor.
    Typical applications

    In order to achieve a sustainable reduction in energy costs, an overview of the energy consumption and the energy flow in the electrical system is first required.

    Versions of UMG 96RM
    The UMG 96RM is available in different versions to meet the various specific market application requirements. The differences between the models are primarily the interfaces, protocols and configuration of the inputs and outputs. The basic device is equipped with a fast RS485 interface with Modbus protocol and 2 digital outputs.

    Basic device UMG96RM

    The fast RS485 interface with the Modbus protocol and 2 digital outputs allows quick and costeffective monitoring of the power quality and energy consumption.
    Profibus and digital IOs UMG96RM-P

    The Profibus connection is used frequently in systems where the UMG96RM-P is to be incorporated into the automation environment (PLC controllers).
    Temperature input and analogue output UMG96RM-E

    The wide choice of inputs and outputs enables effective integration into Ethernet (TCP/IP) UMG96RM –E Increasingly communications are moving from typical field bus to Ethernet (TCP/IP).

    M-Bus UMG96RM-M

    The M-Bus field bus connection is for the acquisition of data collected from various different consumption meters, such as water, gas, heat or electrical current. The UMG96RM-M can be simply and cost-effectively integrated into consumption data acquisition systems via the M-Bus connection.

    4th current transformer input UMG96RM-CBM/-E/-P

    The growth of non-linear loads leads to increasing pollution effects on the electrical supply, in particular overloading of the neutral conductor by harmonic currents. The N-line can be continuously monitored via the 4th current input.

    Ethernet (TCP/IP) UMG96RM –E

    Increasingly communications are moving from typical field bus to Ethernet (TCP/IP). The UMG96RM-E Ethernet connection provides a simple integration into the network with a fast and reliable communications architecture.

    Digital IOs UMG96RM -various

    Along with network transparency Smart Grid programs are promoting the active control of energy flow and power consumption. The UMG96RM range offers a wide choice of I/O configurations for intelligent integration and control tasks.


    Side and rear views each show a combination of the various versions just to indicate overall dimensions and the locations of interfaces and connectors. For the specific design of an individual version, please refer to our operation manual.


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