EY AVR Static Voltage Regulator

3 Phase 60 Hz 10kVA-4000kVA


    Why Choose a Voltage Regulator ?

    The EY AVR Static Voltage Regulator are microprocessor controlled devices with high speed semiconductor switching designed for voltage control, protection and management. They are continuously rated and are applied to provide stabilized voltage to industrial, commercial and public infrastructure applications where devices need continuous stable electrical supply.

    Today thousands of users with widely differing characteristics such as manufacturing plants, agriculture, hospitals, public buildings and residential, are all supplied from the same utility supply. They have differing needs for voltage stability.

    EY AVR’s are specifically applied to those facilities most sensitive to voltage variation with solutions designed for individual customer needs.

    Response Time EY AVR can be produced with a wide range of input voltages for locations where system voltages can drop or rise excessively.

    Time for correction of voltage variations is typically 1-2 cycles. This is much faster than electromechanical regulators which typically take a few seconds to correct the voltage.

    Voltage Output Accuracy

    Typically output voltage is controlled to ± 1%


    Energy Losses in the EY AVR’s are typically < 2%.

    Maintenance Efficiency

    Mechanical regulators rely on moving parts which require periodic maintenance. The mechanical units may not be well suited to either damp or very dusty environments. The EY AVR’s are designed to work in such environments and require very little maintenance.


    The EY AVR’s have High Voltage, Low Voltage, Over Temperature, Overload, Short Circuit and Phase Loss protection both for its own operational safety and to provide protection for customer loads.
    Surge protection devices area available as an option.

    There is a Manual By-Pass switch which allows loads to be connected directly to the network supply and allows for safe inspection of the regulator. Options for circuit breakers are available.
    Cable connection is standard but it is also possible as an option to design Input and Output connections to connect to busway systems. (Note: this may require extra sections)

    LCD Display

    Information such as Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Load levels, faults and warning information can be viewed on LCD Display which is standard on 3-Phase models of EY AVR’s . Web connection allows the viewing of all information on the LCD Display and it is also possible to change set values of the Regulator via the REMOTE VIEWING AND MANAGEMENT software, using RS232, ModBus and Ethernet.


    Side and rear views each show a combination of the various versions just to indicate overall dimensions and the locations of interfaces and connectors. For the specific design of an individual version, please refer to our operation manual.

Complete Technical Specifications

EY AVR 1 Phase
EY AVR 3 Phase