Resonance Elimination Harmonic Filter REHF

Complete Technical Specifications

The REHF is a high pass filter which combines a resistor with traditional L & C filter components to correct resonance which can occur at higher frequencies. Both utilities and industry are seeing the problem of resonance more often due to the increasing amount of current harmonics at numerous frequencies on electrical systems.

Correction of potential resonant conditions, especially those at higher frequencies, whether at low voltage, MV or HV for industries and utilities.

Correction of voltage transients due to switching of utility capacitor banks at MV or HV.

Eliminates voltage notching from DC drives

Available for 60Hz and 50Hz systems from LV, MV or HV application

Corrects all harmonics ≥ 13th Harmonic

Can be combined with DHF for full spectrum filtering and protection.

Standard NEMA 1 enclosure, NEMA 3R available

Very low losses compared to traditional filters

Rugged industrial design

Compact space

No CT’s needed

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"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC. Every time a thunderstorm appears in our area, we have to shut down the unprotected saws until the storm passes.”

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer

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