Active Voltage Conditioners AVC2

  • Description

    Active Voltage Conditioner AVC2 150kVA – 50 MVA

    The Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC2) is an inverter based system that protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances. It provides fast, accurate voltage sag correction plus continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation.The AVC2 is a flexible device that can be used in multiple applications.

    It has an operating efficiency exceeding 98% and provides extremely fast response to three-phase sags down to 50%, and single-phase sags down to 25% on the ac supply network.Standard models are optimized for sag correction, voltage balance and flicker reduction.

    The Medium Voltage AVC2 is an ideal solution for complete facility protection. Its standard outdoor enclosure saves valuable indoor floor space. While the low voltage units can be applied to a process line or a specific critical load.

    All AVC models also provide continuous regulation +/- 10% of nominal utility voltage.


    • High Value production
    • High Speed manufacturing
    • Continuous processes

  • Key Features

    • Up to 30 seconds of voltage sag ride through
    • 99% efficient (typical)
    • Does not lower fault capacity
    • Continuous voltage regulation
    • Voltage harmonic reduction Voltage balance correction
    • Extensive diagnostics Voltage event log
    • Separate coupling transformer

  • Benefits AVC Topology

    • Industrial design, rugged
    • Small foot print
    • Continuous smooth compensation
    • Sub-cycle response
    • Fast & easily controlled voltage contribution
    • Select or ignore specific harmonics

Complete Technical Specifications