Voltage Stabilizers DIGIT@L

In many parts of the world electrical supply voltages can vary widely during the course of a day with large variations from nominal voltage lasting for several minutes or several hours. The supply voltage can be below nominal or above nominal at different times in the day but both variations can cause damage to or malfunctioning of electrical equipment.

Omniverter Inc. offers a set of solutions to these problems with a range of products designed to correct the voltage output back to a steady, customer selectable output voltage.  These products are available at low voltage (208-480V) with capability of correcting input voltages in the range +30% to -45% of nominal.

There are also custom built solutions available for 600V applications and at Medium Voltage up to 13.8kV. Although many units will be installed within conventional buildings options are available for outdoor units.

The technology relies on motorized toroidal or columnar voltage regulators with sophisticated control system to maintain output voltage within a very narrow range. This allows electrical equipment to function normally and helps avoid costly damage or premature failure due to wide voltage variations.

The technology is available for application to 1,2 or 3-phase loads and for some applications a neutral conductor will be required.

While many applications are for 3-phase equipment we also offer a range of single phase devices in the range 1-135kVA for use at 220-240V.