Digital – M Voltage Stabilizer

The DIGIT@L-M Voltage Stabilizer is used to provide stable output voltage for loads in the range 5-230kVA at low voltage up to 480V as standard at 50/60 Hz and is available at 600V if required.

As a Voltage Stabilizer
The DIGIT@L-M voltage stabilizer corrects long term variations (minutes or hours) in input voltage.

As an Energy Conservation Device

It can also be used as an energy conservation device by reducing nominal voltage to selective loads e.g. lighting, when required.

The DIGIT@L-M stabilizers are suitable for 1,2 and 3-phase loads with up to 100% phase unbalance, in some applications a neutral connection will be needed.

It uses a motorized toroidal voltage regulator with a sophisticated control system to provide an output voltage in steady state of ±0.5% of the output value selected. It includes thermostat protection and an automatic circuit breaker to protect against overload or short circuit. It has an efficiency >96% and is designed for use in indoor environments