Industrial UPS Solution For Power Outages

Momentary Power Outages

Many customers who are supplied by their electrical utilities at medium voltage or low voltage may find that they experience both voltage sags and also occasional short term loss of power. These momentary outages or short term loss of power may occur if utility reclosers operate in order to try to isolate faults on the line and to protect the balance of the utility network. Such recloser events are more frequent during stormy weather when high winds may cause tree branches to touch power lines but can also occur if birds or animals stray too close to transformer terminals or bridge across power lines.

Effects of Momentary Power Outages

Quite apart from the disruption caused to many production processes by an unplanned loss of power, both mechanical and electrical damage can be caused when a loss of power occurs. Sensitive electronic circuits can be permanently damaged and the overall costs of these events can be significant.

Omniverter has a Solution

Omniverter offers the AVCRTS which is a high efficiency industrial grade UPS specifically designed to correct short term power outages lasting up to 30 seconds. The AVCRTS is an OFF-Line unit and achieves efficiencies in excess of 99%. The AVCRTS includes a specialized inverter which connects to an energy source, typically battery, flywheel or ultra-capacitors and to the load to be protected. Under normal utility conditions the energy source is in standby mode but is connected to the inverter. If utility voltage drops below 90% of nominal, then the AVCRTS will open an integral static switch which will disconnect the load from the utility and the AVCRTS will supply the load from the energy storage device. This is done within ¼ cycle so no loss of load occurs. When a steady energy source is restored the AVCRTS will synchronize the load with the supply and then close the static switch restoring normal supply to the load.

Use with Standby Generators

The AVCRTS will recognize any steady supply either from a generator or from the utility. If the load is running on a generator and the time comes to transfer back to the utility via an open transition switch, the AVCRTS will see the open transition as a momentary power outage, open the static switch and supply the load from the storage medium (typically battery or flywheel). Once the switch to utility is made the AVCRTS will recognize a steady voltage, synchronize the load to the utility supply and then close the static switch to restore utility supply to the load.