Power Quality Correction

Our Power Quality Correction Solutions are designed and tested to hep you avoid production stoppages, damage to equipment and improve productivity and your profits.

Power quality events occur when the voltage and current waveforms vary from pure sine-waves at fundamental (or nominal generated) frequency. They occur frequently in electrical networks and can result in premature failure of equipment, increased maintenance and unplanned production stoppages.

To obtain any consistent data it is desirable to have continuous measurement equipment which can detect the size and duration of power quality events which may cause disruptions to the supply. Power quality problems can manifest themselves in many ways and it is not always easy to determine the causes unless suitable metering is installed (Janitza). Many power quality problems are associated with voltage anomalies and ideally it is helpful if waveforms can be captured by the meters both before and after the event. (White Paper Voltage Conditioning)

Typical power quality problems include:

◾Voltage Sags
◾Short term or momentary loss of power
◾Harmonics both voltage harmonics and current harmonics
◾Voltage transients
◾Voltage Surges
◾Voltage flicker
◾Voltage phase unbalance

Omniverter has solutions to many of these power quality problems (Voltage Correction) but the first step is to identify the problem by  (Janitza) obtaining meaningful data with suitable meters.