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Manage your Power Quality -
Get Protection from unplanned stoppages

tame your power - keep your profits

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Minimize Production Downtime

minimize production downtime

Decrease Maintenance Cost

decrease maintenance cost

Reduce Quipment Damange

reduce equipment damage

Common failures due to power quality problems

  • Variable Frequency Drive failures on compressors, pumps and motors.
  • Malfunction of power logic control (PLC) and automated processes.
  • Nuisance tripping circuit breakers and protection control circuits.
  • Premature failure of motors and shaft bearings.
  • Capacitor bank failures.

Our Process

Measure Power Quality


We work with you and collect power quality data.

Analyze power quality data


We identify causes of electrical power problems.

Protect sensitive equipment


We propose and implement power quality solutions.

What we offer

Interpretation and analysis of power quality data.

Fully integrated correction packages including bypass switchgear, indoor/outdoor enclosures and metering.

Industrial-grade solutions designed for high current inrush, high harmonic distortion and regenerative loads.

Online technical and ongoing support to maximize your investment during the product's lifetime.

How you benefit

Increased productivity, process reliability and product quality improvement.

We reduce your product loss and premature equipment damage resulting in improved profitability.

Over  90% of our tailor-made solutions delivered a payback in <1 year.

Save valuable indoor real estate.

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer
"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC.”

Areas of expertise

  • A global footprint, with technically skilled partners in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, Oceana and Africa.
  • 50+ years experience in the industrial, semiconductor, pharma, and commercial sectors.
  • Expertise in low, medium, and high voltage applications.
  • Advanced skills in power quality data analysis.
  • Close relationships with utility companies.

Industry specific solutions

Many businesses encounter distinct electrical problems that may affect other industries or locations differently.

Omniverter provides solutions to a wide range of industries and processes. We protect process controllers, PLCs, VFDs, robotics etc.

Explore our industry-specific case studies.

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Power Quality protection for a high-speed printing line


Pharmaceutical Production

Using a AVC to protect a high-speed process line from voltage sags


High-Volume and High-Speed Textiles

Semiconductor processes sensitive to voltage sags


Semi-Conductor Industry

Protect medical equipment from voltage disturbances


Sophisticated Medical Equipment

Warehouse with automatic robotic stacker reclaimer


Warehouse Automation

Food extrusion plant having harmonic issues


Extrusion and Food Processes


Years of Power
Quality Experience


Year payback for Over 90% of Our Customers


Average Reduction in Electrical Maintenance Costs