Poor power quality leads to costly production downtime and raw material waste. These events directly affect profitability and your ability to deliver products or services. Omniverter specializes in improving production uptime and reliability.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor factories require high levels of electrical power quality. The sensitivity of equipment, processes and the high value of the products make them vulnerable to voltage sags.
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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals are driven by innovation and efficiency. Sensitive loads in the process are highly susceptible to power quality issues.
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High-Speed Manufacturing

Many electrical power quality issues are external to your facility. Utilities are unable to control weather related events. Industries therefore need to provide their own power quality correction.
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Robotics and Automation

Voltage sags, momentary loss of power and transients can all cause robotic lines to malfunction and damage your electronic equipment.
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Hospitals and Healthcare

No healthcare facility can afford medical equipment failures, whether it is due to momentary power outages or voltage sags. The consequences of sags can be severe, failure of critical equipment, data loss, or shutdown of computer controls.
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Embedded Generation Solar & Wind Power

Renewable energy is injected at multiple points into a network to supplement or replace traditional generation. Grid compliance, high harmonic emissions and voltage regulation are some of the challenges for plant operators.
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