ROI Dynamic Cost model instructions

Use our interactive tool to calculate your ROI.

ROI Forecast

If you want to evaluate the ROI of an Omniverter Power Quality solution in your environment, use our interactive ROI tool to input your data.


Solution Analysis ROI

After Ominverter provides an assessment and a tailored recommendation, use this interactive ROI tool to see the impact at your operation.


What does an unplanned stoppage cost you?

On opening the model, a blank form appears. You will see a set of horizontal bar graphs with round coloured buttons and these can be moved by placing a mouse over the button and moving it.  As you change the value of the parameters by moving the coloured buttons, all other features of the table will respond dynamically.

The model will calculate and show cost per event and cost per year based on the information which you input.  Those bars without buttons are calculated values. They cannot be changed directly but they will vary as you move the parameter buttons. For example, the hours worked per year will vary if you change any of the buttons above it. If detailed sales and gross margin figures are not available, it is usually possible to make estimates which can be refined at a later date. For any plant running close to capacity lost margin from lost sales should definitely be included in the cost per event as time lost may be impossible to recover even with overtime. The model can be printed with your information included either to hard copy or as a pdf file.

Calculate Your ROI

What are your potential solutions?

Please contact Omniverter so we can analyze your data, review your problem and propose potential solutions. Omniverter will review your information, evaluate alternative solutions and provide you with a quotation.

There are two options on the Model controlled from the top of the model By Mode Switch (in Red) 
1)     A green Box at the top which is AVC Scenario.
2)     A box next to it which is“Blackout Scenario” if you click on this it will turn green and the model will now be based on an AVCRTS solution.  

To complete the ROI analysis, select the AVC Scenario or Blackout Scenario. Re input the values with the pointers from your printed file to show cost per event and cost per year then enter the cost of the equipment proposed by Omniverter. The model will calculate an estimate for cost of installation (performed by others) and will show savings by year, 5 Year Internal Rate of Return, payback period in months and 5-year cumulative cash flow. With the completed version of the dynamic ROI model you can still vary any of the parameters and see the results reflected in the IRR, cash flow and payback.

Calculate Your ROIContact Omniverter
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