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Your power Quality Partner

Omniverter was founded in 2000. We solve customers’ unplanned production stoppages and premature equipment failure caused by electric power quality problems.  

As a trusted partner, Omniverter is working with customers around the globe. Omniverter has wide experience in finding the best possible solution through data-based diagnosis to interpret the power quality data.  

In the last 22 years, Omniverter has expanded its solutions to address problems caused by automation and energy efficiency innovation. Our solutions correct voltage sags, harmonic distortion, voltage magnitude regulation, momentary power outages, transients, and resonance.

An installation of an Active Voltage Conditioner in an outdoor enclosure to save valuable space at a pharma factory.


Our mission is to improve the reliability of industrial process lines to maximize production uptime and increase profitability.


Our vision is to be the preferred solution provider in North America, resolving power quality problems that cause unplanned stoppages.

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

Our Installation Footprint in North America

Omniverter footprint of installation in North America

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An industrial UPS with voltage sag correction