Resolve stoppages at your high-speed manufacturing lines

High speed bottle filling line

Many electrical power quality issues are external to your facility. Utilities are unable to control weather related events. Industries therefore need to provide their own power quality correction.

Challenges our Customers Experience before engaging Omniverter

High-speed paper manufacturing process
High-spped bakery line

Advanced manufacturing lines have become more agile and advanced. These technologies are energy-efficient equipment with electronic control systems to increase efficiency. In many of these cases, these technologies are sensitive to power quality variations. Any interruptions of a critical process will result in significant financial loss. These are some of the typical issues:

  • Production loss and failure to supply.
  • Rectifier failure of VFD’s.
  • Time delays due to resetting during malfunction of equipment controls.
  • Nuisance stopping of electronic equipment.
  • Electrical breaker tripping and unplanned stoppages.
  • Scrapping of material and delay in cleanup time.
  • Premature failure of electronic equipment.
  • Sensor data malfunction.
  1. Machine breakdowns
    • Equipment premature failure
    • Tooling damage
    • Unplanned maintenance
    • PLC malfunction and electronic card failures
  2. Process/Machine adjustments
    • Process resetting time
    • Material wastage/cleanup
  3. Process stops
    • Production line faults
    • Component jams
    • Product flow stoppages
    • Material scrap/rework
  4. Machine reduced speeds
    • Signal detection loss
  5. Quality
    • Product raw material wastage
    • Rework of material
    • Adjustment of parameters during cleanup and restarts

Common Power Quality Issues Causing these Problems

Voltage Sag

Voltage Sag/Dips

Voltage sags are the primary cause of unplanned production stoppages in industry. Causes include electrical network faults due to weather, animals across terminals, traffic accidents, load switching upstream, startup of large loads or transformer energization.

Voltage Transiets

Voltage Transients

A sudden change from the nominal voltage or current may be caused by faults in the network, switching of large loads, load shedding, or switching of capacitor banks upstream in the utility network. Voltage surges also occur but may be less severe.

Power Interruption

Momentary Power Interruptions

Momentary power loss is complete loss of voltage on one or more phase conductors between 0.5 cycles and 3 seconds.  The most common forms of power failure are due to utility protection systems, e.g. recloser operations, switching, breaker tripping and equipment failures.

Harmonic Distortion

Current & Voltage Harmonic Distortion

The use of non-linear loads is the main cause of harmonic distortion. The injection of harmonic currents results in voltage distortion which may cause electronic equipment failure, increased heat in drives and transformers, unwanted tripping, malfunction of sensitive equipment and controls and failure of imaging and scanning equipment.

Possible Solutions to your Power Quality Problems

The Omniverter approach is to understand your particular issue via data analysis prior to offering a product solution. The learn more about our solutions we use individually or in combinnation follow the link below.

Product Solutions
Benefits from Solving these Power Quality Issues

Lightning and other seasonal power disturbances create havoc everywhere, and high-speed manufacturing is one of most susceptible industries. Omniveter solutons are design for high inrush current and dynamic load behavior:

  • Increase production.
  • Reduce mechanical failure of equipment.
  • Improve the production reliability.
  • Reduction in bottlenecks.
  • Improve operator performance.
  • Cut setup time and reduce cleanup time.
  • Improvement in the equipment performance
  • Fewer quality defects, increased productivity rate.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and increase sales.
  • Improve the compliance with power quality, and safety standards.
Technical Details
    Accurate data requires the use of dedicated power quality analyzers. Assessment of the data allows us to identify specific problems and only then do we offer a solution.

Summary of the Power Quality Issues (Based on IEEE 1159:2019)
AVC Technical Paper
AVCRTS Technical Paper
Solar & Wind Technical Paper
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