Solving Power Quality Issues: The Holistic Approach for Stable and Reliable Electrical Power

Power quality issues are interconnected and can have cascading effects throughout the electrical system. A voltage sag, for instance, can trigger inrush currents, causing stress on electronic components and leading to equipment failure.

To effectively address power quality issues, a holistic approach is necessary. It involves analyzing the entire electrical system, considering factors such as load characteristics, system impedance, grounding, and harmonics. By identifying and addressing the root causes, the holistic approach proves more effective than merely treating the symptoms.

Implementing the wrong solution due to a lack of power quality information can have serious consequences, such as:

  1. Inadequate protection for equipment or a process
  2. Further malfunctioning equipment in the process
  3. Increased production downtime.

By implementing the correct solution, businesses reap numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increased production output
  2. Minimized stoppage induced product waste
  3. Decreased maintenance
  4. Optimized energy consumption
  5. Improved overall reliability

Our holistic solution - MAP

To protect customers' processes from unplanned stoppages, Omniverter follows a three-stage process. Let's explore each stage in detail:


The first stage involves collecting the correct information to understand the problem. This includes the following steps:


In the second stage, Omniverter conducts a detailed power quality analysis of the site to identify any anomalies or irregularities causing equipment malfunction. This process includes the following key steps:


The final stage focuses on implementing the recommended solution and ensuring optimal results for clients. This involves working with the electrical contractor to install the equipment, conducting commissioning and performance verification, and providing post-implementation technical support.

As part of the performance verification, Omniverter installs two PQ analyzers at the input and output of series connected voltage conditioning equipment. This allows for long-term monitoring and ensures the system performs as intended throughout the equipment's lifetime.


By following our comprehensive MAP (Measure, Analyze, Protect) approach, Omniverter helps businesses achieve stable and reliable electrical power. Our process not only addresses existing power quality issues but also safeguards against future disruptions.

Partnering with Omniverter leads to a sustainable impact on your company's long-term profitability, providing peace of mind and ensuring uninterrupted operations.