Optimizing Bakery Operations with Omniverter's Voltage Solution

The Situation and Problem

A leading bakery in the Southern USA, part of a large international food company, faced frequent operational disruptions. Situated in a mixed industrial and residential district, these unplanned stoppages not only risked significant product loss—with entire batches being ruined and requiring hours of cleanup—but also caused environmental and community discomfort when products burned, leading to clouds of black smoke.

The Analysis and Diagnosis

In a collaborative effort with Omniverter, the bakery utilized power quality monitors to investigate the source of these disruptions. The facility, supplied by the local electrical utility at medium voltage 20kV and relying on several transformers to achieve an operating voltage of 480V, discovered that voltage sags during storms and adverse weather were the primary culprits. This issue was especially critical for a line producing several million cookies per week.

Understanding Voltage Sags: Voltage sags, brief reductions in power quality, pose significant challenges to sensitive industrial equipment. For the bakery, such sags meant halted production lines, wasted products, and the necessity for extensive cleanup, underscoring the need for a robust solution to maintain continuous operation.

The Solution

Addressing this challenge, Omniverter installed a 1500kVA 480V Active Voltage Conditioner (AVC), capable of correcting both three-phase and single-phase voltage sags within less than ½ cycle (<5 milliseconds). This solution was specifically chosen for its rapid response time and reliability, equipped with bypass switchgear and integral power quality monitors to ensure comprehensive protection against power disruptions.

The Impact and ROI

The AVC's implementation marked a significant improvement in operational stability, effectively eliminating unplanned stoppages due to voltage sags. "The operational improvement has been immense, a true game-changer for our production efficiency," the Plant Engineer reported. The investment in the AVC paid for itself in under six months, highlighting its efficiency and the substantial financial benefits of preventing production losses and environmental impact.

The collaboration with Omniverter and the strategic implementation of their AVC solution have successfully mitigated the bakery's operational challenges, enhancing overall efficiency and community relations. This case exemplifies the critical role of targeted technological solutions in resolving industrial problems, ensuring businesses can operate smoothly and efficiently. For businesses facing similar issues, Omniverter offers the expertise and technology to transform operational challenges into success stories. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve uninterrupted production and efficiency gains.

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