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Complete power quality transparency

Many utility customers suffer from unplanned production stoppages, and often believe that these events are due to loss of power, or service interruption.

While sometimes correct, most of such unplanned events are due to voltage sags. In order to provide the correct solution for these stoppages, it is important to diagnose the real cause.

The primary diagnostic tool is the use of power quality analyzers. These devices measure and record events such as voltage sags and swells, and detect and measure harmonic voltages, currents, flicker, and energy.

Key Features:
  • Harmonics voltages & THDv
  • Harmonic currents & THDi
  • Voltage Sags & Swells
  • Under & Over voltage
  • Power Factor
  • Energy & Power RMS recording
  • Advanced dashboard and reporting functions
  • Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • Utilities
  • Renewable Applications
Power Quality GRIDVis Analysis
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What does a power quality meter do?

Power quality analyzers are used to continuously scan electricity lines for problems that could jeopardise the reliable flow of energy or harm your sensitive equipment resulting in costly downtime.

What are consequences of poor power quality?

Automatic resets, data errors, equipment failure, circuit board failure, memory loss, power supply issues, UPS alarms, and overheating of electrical equipment are a few examples of issues that can arise as a result of poor power quality.

What are one of the most important power quality monitoring considerations?

Great consideration needs to take to make sure the software used with a power quality analyzer are user friendly. The amount of time and skills required to generate and analyze power quality data is problematic and time consuming. 

Advanced software that will shorten analysis times, simplify and present the data is such a way to easily determine if a specific parameter is not within the power quality standard or equipment design parameter.