Medium Voltage UPS

Complete Power Protection at Medium Voltage

The OMNI MV UPS provides scalable power from 2.5MW up to 25MW for mission-critical applications. Its parallel configuration accommodates load growth without stranded capacity, ensuring quality and safe power.

Experience unmatched power protection with the OMNI MV uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This advanced UPS system ensures continuous regulated voltage, safeguarding your operations from utility fluctuations. Keep your equipment running smoothly and prevent costly downtime.

Continuous Voltage Regulation

While utility power is available, the OMNI MV UPS continuously conditions and filters the power supplied to critical loads, addressing voltage imbalances and harmonics to ensure a stable power supply. This conditioning is achieved without cycling the energy storage, thereby preserving the system's lifespan and maintaining high efficiency.

Power Outage Protection

When utility power fails, the OMNI MV UPS seamlessly transfers to its energy storage, providing uninterrupted power to critical loads. This transition provides ample time for utility power restoration or the activation of an alternative power source, such as a diesel generator.

Advanced Grid Support

The OMNI MV UPS can be easily integrated into a third-party (distributed energy resources management system) DERMS system to provide the following functionalities:

1.   Stability Support Services to grid operators

  • Function: To provide active or reactive power to stabilize the grid frequency.
  • Benefit:  Additional revenue stream participating in frequency control ancillary services.

2.   Peak Shaving

  • Function: It reduces the amount of energy supplied from the grid during peak operating hours by using battery storage.  
  • Benefit: Many utilities charge higher rates during peak periods, so shifting consumption can lead to substantial saving.
Key Features & Specifications
  • Power Range: The OMNI MV UPS offers power protection from 2.5 MVA to 25 MVA, with application-specific voltage from 2.4 kV to 34.5 kV.
  • Efficiency: The system boasts a high efficiency of 98% at 50% to 100% loading.
  • Maintenance:  Extremely low maintenance cost during its lifetime with up to ten years before the first intrusive maintenance
  • Modular Design: The system is engineered for high availability, featuring a modular design from the power converter level to the overall system level.
  • Flexibility: It is , with plug-and-play power converters and low-voltage energy storage. The mean time to repair (MTTR) is available in both indoor and containerized outdoor solutions and many energy storage options ranging from 1 minute to hours.
  • Grid Support: The system can be adapted with demand response functionality and grid support services, enabling energy storage reserve for peak shaving and renewable energy source integration.
  • Serviceability: The system is designed for easy maintenance with plug-and-play power converters and low voltage energy storage, with a mean time to repair (MTTR) typically less than thirty minutes.
  • Data Centers: The high reliability and efficiency of the OMNI MV UPS make it ideal for maintaining uptime and reducing greenhouse emissions.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Manufacturing facilities require reliable power to avoid costly downtime and maintain production schedules. The modular design and high fault clearing capability of the OMNI MV UPS provide robust power protection for these environments.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and medical centers need uninterrupted power for critical medical equipment and systems.

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Frequent Ask Questions

What is the transfer time of the MV UPS?

The OMNI MV UPS is an online solution, eliminating transfer time issues common with stand-by (offline) UPS systems. The output voltage performance of the OMNI MV UPS matches that of the double-conversion LV UPS.

What is the MV UPS efficiency?

The system operates with an efficiency of 98% when the load is between 50% and 100%. For load levels between 25% and 50%, the efficiency ranges from 96% to 98%.

Why would I use UPS on the Medium Voltage?

Providing power protection at medium voltage rather than low voltage offers several advantages, including cost reduction and design simplification. Low-voltage systems often face current limitations with switchgear and bus bars. By shifting to medium voltage, we enable optimized centralized systems with larger block sizes from a single location.

Medium voltage systems reduce the need for switchgear, transformers, and cables, making them easier to maintain and manage. Lower currents for the same power demand decrease capital expenditure and thermal losses, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, medium voltage designs allow power protection systems to be placed in less expensive areas, freeing up prime space for revenue-generating equipment.

With less infrastructure required, medium-voltage power protection systems are inherently more reliable.

What kind of batteries can be connected to MV UPS?

The OMNI MV UPS is equipped with modern Lithium-Ion batteries by default, offering autonomy times ranging from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the application. For alternative energy storage options, please contact our team.

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