Harmonic Filters

Increasing automation of industry has brought widespread use of non-linear devices such as switch-mode power supplies, inverters, rectifiers, VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) etc., all of which can generate harmonic currents in local networks. These currents can then be fed back into the utility supply. Other sources of harmonic currents such as utility capacitor banks and electric furnaces can also create harmonic currents at multiple voltages and frequencies. The harmonic currents create harmonic voltages and create distortion to the electrical supply and problems for industry and utilities. Omniverter introduces a comprehensive new range of Harmonic Filters designed to solve problems for industries and electrical utilities. They are available for 60Hz and 50Hz systems.

Active Harmonic Filter

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Dynamic Harmonic Filter DHF

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Resonance Elimination Harmonic Filter REHF

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"The results were dramatic. Productivity losses from sags with the protected saws were reduced to zero. I can say with absolute confidence the payback was well under a year. Now my only problem is that production managers want to know why we didn’t protect the rest of the wire saws with the AVC. Every time a thunderstorm appears in our area, we have to shut down the unprotected saws until the storm passes.”

Silicon Wafer Production - Plant Engineer

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